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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  November 26, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PST

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will >> thursday november 26th, presidential pardon for general michael flynn just in time for the holidays but nancy pelosi, adam schiff and others not sharing in the cheer. >> because we care so much reach other we will be having separate thanksgiving. >> think giving with the bidens,
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the president-elect urging americans to forgo family traditions with a reminder that we are all in this together even as another democrat ignores his own advice to stay home. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ i am going to hunt after you. >> we are already starting. >> we want wine and mashed potatoes in that order as long as we get them we will be a happy camper today. happy thanksgiving, you are watching "fox and friends first". >> thanks for joining us on this thanksgiving morning. >> we are not in studio we are in upstate new york.
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let's get straight to it, president-elect biden urging americans to stay put this thanksgiving to combat the pandemic. >> democratic leaders echoing those calls but not all are following their own advice. jackie ibanez joins us with more on that. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving to you ladies. president-elect joe biden asking you and all americans to do your, quote, patriotic duty to prevent the spread of covid-19 this thanksgiving. >> asking americans to forgo so many of the traditions the law made this holiday special. i know how hard it is to forgo family traditions but it is so very important. eric is in the middle of a dramatic spike in cases. >> biden going on to say we are all in this together yet his plea comes as fellow democrats break the same as they created. denver's mayor asking for forgiveness after traveling to mississippi to spend thanksgiving with his wife and
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daughter, this is coming hours after urging city residents to stay close to home for the holiday. he says, quote, i apologize to the residents of denver who see my decision is conflicting with the guidance to stay at home for all but essential travel. chicago mayor lori lightfoot is expressing her concerns for holiday travel saying it to be a superspreader but her comments, weeks after she joined large crowd celebrating joe biden's election victory. restrictions already in place making thanksgiving look different in parts of the country, checkpoints being set up in new york city in and out of the city and los angeles restaurants i take only despite health the parent fighting the links between outdoor dining and spread of covid-19. >> to make an arbitrary decision to shut us down, not able to just show up at work and do what we normally do safely with great responsibility.
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that is something a lot of our leaders don't understand. >> reporter: of the calls for americans to stay home millions traveling by air and here's a live look at lax in los angeles and more are expected to hit the road. joe biden plans to spend the holiday with his wife, jill, their daughter and son-in-law while donald trump will stay at the white house for tones down celebration. >> everybody celebrating in their own way. donald trump, former national security adviser michael flynn, the move causing outrage among democrats. lauren blanchard joins us as the left sounds off. >> reporter: donald trump, at least one person having a wonderful thanksgiving, michael flynn, the president announced the pardon in a tweet last night. display two guilty pleas remind to the fbi general flynn is safe from the possibility of jail time, the judge in flynn's case
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was expected to rule any day on finance request to throw out the case, the doj has stepped in, flynn's family said an estimate after the pardon announcement, quote, we are forever appreciative to donald trump for giving back to michael his freedom in undoing it is wrong but top democrats especially those who lead the russia investigation which involved flynn say the president is abusing the power of the pardon. house speaker nancy pelosi writing the pardon is an act of grave corruption and brazen abuse of power. congressman jerry nadler said these actions or abuse of power and fundamentally undermines the rule of law. the president and his team, legal challenges to the election continue even as their lawsuits have been denied, dismissed or withdrawn however in pennsylvania a judge has halted any other certifications in the state pending a hearing the president called into a meeting between his legal team and gop pennsylvania state senators yesterday. >> if something was done wrong
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and this election was won fraudulently and that is what happened, it was a fraud. we are talking about very importantly many more ballots, many more votes than the number we need. >> the president is still fighting the results, the transition is underway, president-elect joe biden advisor says sharing classified information has become, the president-elect's first classified presidential daily briefing will happen on monday. >> happy thanksgiving, joining us now with his take on michael flynn's pardon, director of the national security law and policy program at george mason university, jamil jeffers, good morning. you heard the criticism from democrats but donald trump sees michael flynn is a victim of an anti-trump fbi. does he deserve this pardon? >> michael flynn was convicted, he pled guilty to lying to the
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fbi, there is little in question whether he told the fbi the truth. was he trapped into doing that through an investigation that had problems and does the president have the power to give this pardon? the president has absolute power to give a pardon. hearing about abuse of power, it is an absolute power of the president, he has the power to do this is a question of whether he should. >> your opinion on what they team at farland had to say, former deputy national security adviser who said this was never about general flynn. >> it wasn't about general flynn. it was always about getting donald trump. 0 officials in the obama administration, the west wing and the justice department and the fbi and the intelligence community, they knew michael
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flynn didn't commit any crime in talking to the russian ambassador. how does the country get those 3 years back. >> do you agree with her? >> i agree michael flynn didn't do anything wrong by talking to the russian ambassador, the question is when the fbi comes knocking and so did you talk to the russian ambassador and you say no i didn't do that, he admitted that was the wrong thing to do. does the president have the power to relieve the burden? of course he does. that is what he has done here. >> i wants to get your opinion on the department of justice's statement because they were talking about how they wish this was resolved in a court of law. they are confident the general flynn would have been found innocent. with all good intentions in the world by donald trump, did the president by pardoning him take away that potential victory? >> hard one to know. the justice department made clear under attorney general william barr they plan to pull the conviction and pull the case. a lot of back and forth whether they can do that, the court of appeals won, they won, to make sure general and was protected, this is the way to do it but the
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attorney general said if you want to pull the case, something like this was coming in the president tended to do it. it is a question of how it would play out, whether in the courts or presidential pardon. >> do you expect any other pardons to come down and if so who? >> the president might pardon alan stone, that would be a complete disaster. it snowden, a traitor, sold americans secrets by the gallon, the president pardoning him would be a train wreck. the big one people are deep baiting and are concerned the president might be thinking about. >> that would be an interesting one but we talked about it before. we will see if that happens, thank you for joining us. >> listen to this. alabama head coach tested positive for covid-19, nick
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sabin is experiencing mild symptoms but is feeling fine. he is an important tenet will miss saturday's iron bowl showdown against auburn. he tested positive for the virus last month but the result was later deemed a false positive. i understand now. >> the texans head to detroit to take on the lions and washington catches that, and of these provisional match up on fox, exciting this season. close to sunday bottle reported multiple problems. >> the time is 10 minutes after the hour, forces of the far left spent the better part of the year trying to defund the police. our next guest says it would be a nightmare for america, on the balance between justice and law and order next. >> we ask what you are thankful for this year. if you are roger parks he is blessed and thankful for his family this year. happy thanksgiving to our
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director, rusty, for three children, abigail, grace, we are thankful for you. we are coming right back. flavors indoors with the ninja foodi smart xl grill, the grill that sears, sizzles and air fry crisps.
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finding the right words can be tough.n it comes to autism, finding understanding doesn't have to be. we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to >> reporter: you for the president-elect say we are working with d and i and the white house on the pdb in the first briefing to take place on sunday. >> president-elect joe biden will receive his first classified briefings week after the general services administration, the formal transition of power to begin. joining us, middle east expert corey mill. >> good morning. how are you? >> donald trump has legal challenges he is fighting in court but the transition of power has already started with a
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tweet from the president. with that in mind how important are these briefings, to ensure the smooth transition of power? >> happy thanksgiving, thanks for having me back. it is exceptionally important. the pdb will go over national intelligence, looking at how to support our allies abroad but the president's main intent is to look at statutory direction of the presidential transition act, looking at not saying i haven't accepted the outcome will continue legal challenges but we must ensure that things that occur under operation warp speed as an example, the logistical challenges utilizing our us military to help get these vaccines, at the cusp of approvals, it is where the biden
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administration will look at, the premise that we are not fighting each other, we are fighting a virus and if that is biden's intent and the rest of his cabinet that he assembles that is the top key he is going to look at, what logistical challenges will be and what is already in place. jillian: something we will follow. let's look about this. defund doesn't work. a marine veteran who unseated a democrat mayor in stockton, california saying the residents safety and security as their top need. this is a conversation we've had the last few months among the violence that has played out in our cities this year. what do you think of this? >> they have a third a population which is 18 years or younger. a lot of parents say the safety and security of my neighborhood, my city, my kids is paramount. aoc and many others can go ahead and deny the house sees that
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have been gained by kevin mccarthy have nothing to do with socialism, nothing to do with defund the police but you are seeing clearly americans as a whole care about the overall safety and security, antifa and civil unrest that has been widespread, the amount of murders increased in cities like chicago under mayor lori lightfoot. >> this idea is receiving pushback, seattle city council on monday voted to cut the police budget by 18% so some folks are following through on this idea. what is your reaction? >> i always watch where you have baltimore, chicago, portland, and other areas with so much civil unrest, so much criminality going on and they don't identify with the problem being local. they pass the buck and say it is a federal government issue or
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not enough done and local officials maintain the safety and security assuring the economy is healthy. these are done at the state and local level. these types of directives come down. >> in a number of cities across the country they say we want every officer to wear body camera but don't have the budget to provide them. that is one example of many, thank you for joining us with your insight. >> have a great thanksgiving. >> 18 minutes after the hour. if you haven't cashed in on holiday sales what are you waiting for? that deals this black friday.
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a livcustomizeper iquickbooks for me. okay, you're all set up. thanks! that was my business gi, this one's casual. get set up right with a live bookkeeper with intuit quickbooks. could receive coronavirus vaccines in a few weeks. what side effects could we be experiencing?
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dr. janette nesheiwat joins us now, happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> for the cdc to be open and honest with americans, a walk in the park, what is going to happen. >> like any vaccine, potential side effects. stands and and your systems come up longer. potential side effects, former patients, this is a potential side effect, the vaccine has been shown to be 95% effective, potentially save your life and be worth the side effects.
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>> pfizer trial side effects, 95% effective, 2% reported headache, moderna, 95.5% effective. it is 9% muscle pain. are you afraid with the news coming out to be transparent and honest with people, people might not want to get it with this and considering it is a two dose vaccine? >> that is always a possibility but remember, education is so important, we have to educate our parents, let them know they might experience this. is short-term as we can treat those symptoms with acetaminophen, tylenol, take the day off the next day just in case you have symptoms or side
2:33 am
effects. most people do perfectly fine. you could have side effects with any vaccine. it's important to educate and inform, let them know what to expect, not a big shock to them they won't over the second vaccine. you need the second dose to protect you. >> the fda authorized a new generation of covid-19 antibody tests. what makes this different and white is it so important? >> this test is highly sensitive and specific and accurate and it will tell you, negative for coronavirus antibodies but the amount of antibodies and that could tell us, how long will you be protected? high levels of neutralizing antibody in your blood, maybe you might hold off on the
2:34 am
vaccine for a few months, and of doses for all americans. we are only going to have 40 million doses by the end of this year. that is enough for 20 million americans. you might be protected possibly if you have antibodies. we don't know for sure, there is still research going on, a step in the right direction. >> i was intrigued by the science behind what we are developing, really incredible. i know you have a busy day ahead of you. we appreciate you being here. let's turn to a look at your turkey day weather. >> happy thanksgiving to everyone, pretty good-looking forecast, a large stretch here, a cold front, temperatures warmer, 60s, 50s our early
2:35 am
morning temperatures. a big cold front like that will be a place we are paying attention to a little bit of rain. by the time you get to mid afternoon, it is lingering through the entire day, that rain into the afternoon and evening hours. the national forecast across the country, clear conditions, temperatures where they should be for thanksgiving, looking like a great afternoon, looking pretty good. >> you are looking very festive in that suit, perfect for thanksgiving. happy thanksgiving. now to this. a special new addition to the "fox and friends first" family. meet mckenna elizabeth.
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>> todd piro and his wife amanda welcomed their beautiful daughter into the world last week just to celebrate thanksgiving. mom and baby doing just fine, check in on a daily basis have are over the moon with her bundle of joy. >> they will be great parents. more "fox and friends first" after the break.
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>> good morning. if you are clueless about how to get therapy on the table we've got you covered. adrian is joining us now. i have no idea where to begin. what is the first thing we need to know? can you hear us? looks like - can you hear us one more time?
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>> looks like we are having some audio issues. i am going to read off a couple tips and try to get the audio working because it is important for everyone to know this, letting the turkey rest before carving and say i know not of. remove the wings first, you can place the meat against the grain. that is supposed to be an important turkey carving tip, reserved dripping this is the next one with herbs, like rosemary and got to see if we are able to hear her now. can you hear us? >> she has a beautiful bird. can you hear us? beaches what you see here, i cut the breast away from the breastbone, take one piece just
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like so. onto the cutting board. and make cuts against the grain, the most juicy tender type of cut, ordering sticks a half an inch the according to your preference, preserve the juices from the roasted turkey, for that over-the-top and continue a quarter inch thick and get the skin on their. and to that all the way through the turkey, just like so. i pour that over and continue to do the same layering for the bird. another great turkey tip is i
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love to make sure i grind my turkey right before i roast it and want to make sure for storage i reserve more for reheating and for tomorrow, you want to reheat it before you throw it back into the oven. >> i will be cooking my first turkey this year and i had no idea how to cook it but i learned that from the butterball expert and you taught me to slice it up so i feel good to go. a very beautiful kitchen. >> against the grain. >> let the turkey rest, very easy. we roll with the punches was when you are gathered around the table you might be dodging political conversations. joe consciousa has advice.
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>> welcome back. more people than ever before voted in the 2020 presidential election but now just a few weeks from election day record numbers of americans distrust the results. fox news contributor joe consciousa joins me to discuss. is that for the cowboy game? >> it is on fox, not this fox but the other fox.
2:47 am
the washington football team taking on the cowboys, pregame at 4:00. >> they play every thanksgiving. >> wouldn't have known that independently but you are wearing a cowboys jersey. i was going to yell at her for being wrong, you are wearing a cowboys jersey. we have got to get to the topic at hand. a cnbc poll shows only 3% of trump supporters think joe biden won the election. there appears to be a lot of distrust and anger out there. >> i looked at that number and said why? why do only 3% of one side believe joe biden is legitimate? because we didn't have election day, we had election week and that only fueled suspicion
2:48 am
because it took so long for the results to come in and remember what happened. election night when you went to bed trump was a big in pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin, georgia and over the next four five days you see the lead slowly evaporate, slowly go away and then joe biden is declared the winner and when you do that that build suspicion so a couple ideas in that column you brought up, very simple. make election day holiday, expand the hours you can vote, start at 6 am, end at 12:30 or 10:00 pm in case you have to work that, pay people to be had voting stations when you have to expand those as well. lines going on for 5 or 6 blocks to vote, give more people a chance to vote but if they do vote they have to have id. and my preference, you have to
2:49 am
have a id, that is the solution here so we avoid that and finally with the mail in ballots, michigan, wisconsin and pennsylvania, no states for whatever reason don't start counting them until after election day, so we don't get those results until days later, florida, ohio had a right, count ballots as they come in so that 7, 8, 12 hours after polls close we have a winner and the suspicion goes away. >> a lot of americans will be sitting around the dinner table and politics will likely come up for a lot of families. how to keep things from getting awkward. >> no politics while eating. you are not going to change anybody's mind but the crazy aunt and uncle, it is a bad that could happen. any political conversation
2:50 am
happening after dinner, and any conversation into the backyard, in these situations, it would be the way to go. there is the bad breath factor from the cranberry sauce. if we do those things we will be in good shape but i got to go. don't know who is up at this hour. >> what i am thankful for this thanksgiving, there is a lead over the nfc east. >> with three whens. >> so many interceptions. happy thanksgiving.
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♪ >> evangelize hispanic venge ga. puts undocumented workers in cages. they think that is less important than the fact that, you know, he supports their views on, you know, gay marriage or abortion. jillian: former president barack
2:55 am
obama condemns hispanics for voting for donald trump. david webb is calling him out. he joins us now. david, how can he say that when the practice of putting undocumented immigrants in cages started while he was president? >> the answered the question in the question. we'll get to barack obama and call him thought a moment. how dare you let joe concha on tv on happy thanksgiving day wearing a cow girl shirt? i don't know, there are problems there concha, i will be calling you afterwards. carley: make this whole thing stop. jillian: go ahead. >> let's get to barack obama now. the former president is a slick political liar. the answer is in what you said. yes, these enclosures were built during his administration and he doesn't want to take credit for them. he wants to use it to deflect. what's really happened here is that blacks and hispanics voted for republicans not just
2:56 am
president trump but for republican candidates across the country and that change concerns them. hispanics have the fastest growing birth rate in the united states. they are already trying to capture the hispanic vote on the left. now that vote shifted because they saw the realities of what many of them have seen their families and friends escape when they went to socialism and communism in central and south america. it's not quote just the allegations of racism against the president. barack obama needs to bring everybody back into the fold so they can continue to be wards of the progressive state. jillian: let me ask you this, david. the president made inroads with the minority vote. how do republicans continue to do that now over the course of the next few years? >> look, president trump did something the republican party needed. he gave a swift kick to the door and said come on in here. what did he say what the you
2:57 am
know what do you have to lose? because policies and success matter. we saw wages increase. we saw unemployment at record lows. republicans need to continue that. they need to continue that at the state level as well, republican governors and state legislatures need to make sure that policies are in place, not failed promises by people like core booker or barack obama. safe community, stop the defund the police. as a matter of fact, fight to make sure that the police have the proper training, the proper relationship, real community policing not broken communities that are seeing murder rates and robbery rates increase. that will make it better. and if republicans foster those policies and push them, then americans, not just blacks, will reward them with their votes. jillian: you know, meantime during this same breakfast club interview the former president was asked about his relationship
2:58 am
with reverend jeremy wright. now i want to play some of the things that the reverend has said over the years. and then we will hear how obama feels about him. take a listen. >> not god bless america. god [bleep] america. that's in the bible. >> now we are indignant because of stuff we have done overseas and now brought right back into our own front yard. >> reverend wright is an example of somebody who supremely gifted preacher. carley: the former president some of the reverend's comments have been taken out of context. what's your reaction? >> i watched the entire videos as many of you have since probably 2008 when it became a repox on the public consciousness. again, jeremiah wright in that clip, part of what you just played is deflecting for islamists who attacked and killed thousands of americans.
2:59 am
continue to kill thousands of people, including other muslims around the world. and this is who barack obama admires? this is where he got his political capital? this is where he got his chicago start? look, this is where we are right now in america. we have cultural fight between the truth, reality. they are trying to erase and rewrite history. right now at a time when we have a contentious election, we have two people who are at the top, the votes are being counted, of the challenges are being played. we don't have a president-elect yet, when it's certified and all in we will have a determination for the american people. once that's played out, where will barack obama and joe biden need us next? because joe biden needs barack obama and barack obama needs the relevance to get back into the political game. jillian: okay. david webb. thank you for joining us on this thanksgiving. don't forget you can watch reality check with david webb only on fox nation. we hope you have a good
3:00 am
thanksgiving. carley: david, thanks for wearing a suit so i don't get called out again for my lack of cow girl knowledge. happy thanksgiving. carley: happy thanksgiving to you and your family and to you at home. thanks for watching, bye-bye. ♪ [gobbling ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ griff: happy thanksgiving. did you hear that tucker kel? gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble. [gobbles] griff: griff jenkins, we have your coverage from coast to coast. emily compagno and jason chaffetz. thank you all for having us in your living room before you get


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